This service is provided to residents of City of Hatta, however, it does have the jurisdiction authority to pick up and drop off customers from Dubai and vice-versa. The service can only be used from Al Sabkha (near the Public Bus Station) and Al Aweer (near Fruit & Vegetable Market). Customers have the luxury of riding the taxi exclusively or shared with other passengers (accommodates up to 6 passengers). Unfortunately, only Hatta residence can reserve this service via Dispatch Center in Hatta. Other Emirates residences can simply visit either locations (Al Sabkhaor Al Aweer) to take the service.


Book and start your journey today through below channels:

Customer care center 04 208 0808

Booking via

Mobile Application: Smart Taxi

Website : (Coming soon)



  1. Modern & regularly maintained vehicles
  2. Professional drivers
  3. Available 24/7

meet & greet

Our professional uniformed Customer Service staff representatives is available 24/7 to receive, welcome and accompany the arriving guests to their waiting Limousine Vehicle. Our team will ensure your airport arrival experience, whether; it is for your clients or loved ones is professional, friendly and hassle free.


  1. The meter starts at AED 5 from 6 am to 10 pm.
  2. The meter starts from 5.50 dirhams from 10 am to 6 am.
  3. AED 10 - AED 12 in case of booking and distribution.