Booking a Taxi

How can I book a taxi?

Our taxis are available 24 hrs/ 7days a week operating from within the emirate of Dubai. You can simply hire a taxi by: Flagging to the taxi from on the road Calling our dispatch centre at 042080808 Or you can send an email to: dispatch.supervisor@rta.ae Note: You don’t need to book a taxi from the airport, since our taxis are available there on the basis of First Come First Served 24 hrs/ 7days a week.

How can I book a taxi from overseas, so when I arrive to Dubai I can assure that a taxi is waiting for me in the airport?

You don’t have to book a taxi from the airport, since our taxis are available there on the basis of First Come First Served, 24 hrs/ 7days a week. Once you arrive from your trip, please proceed to the queue, and our employees will be glad to assist you, to provide you with the service you may wish to have.

Why can’t I book a taxi from other Emirates other than Dubai (e.g. Sharjah, Abu Dhabi, etc)?

Our taxis operations are limited to pick customers only from within the Emirates of Dubai, to any location within UAE. This is based on mutual agreements with other Emirates, as there are local services within their emirates.

What payments methods are available in the taxi

You can pay by cash, credit card and Nol card.

What is In Safe Hands Service?

Taxi service where the targets are students, families.. etc. They can book a taxi on a contract and both male & femlae drivers are assigned for it.

What is Mashaweer Service?

Assigning DTC Drivers on daily, weekly, monthly base to Individual or Coorporates without vehicles.

What type of limousine is availble with DTC?

We have a fleet of lexury vehicles which contains: Tesla, Lexus, BMW, Infiniti, Genisis, Range Rover, Mercedes-Benz Vito, Mercedes-Benz Viano, Toyota Previa, Land Cruiser, Convertible Limos & Limo Bikes

How can I book other DTC services?

you can book DTC other services through our Customer Happiness Centre which operates 24/7 (80088088) email Customers.Happiness@dtc.gov.ae

Complaints, Suggestions and Report Lost Items

How can I make a complaint, suggestion and/or report a lost item?

Register: you need to register your profile with us, if you are already registered you can simply move to step 2. - Log your case: log in to your account, select your case type and fill the form completely. Alternatively, you can always call 800 90 90 or email ask@rta.ae where an RTA customer service agent would register your complaint.

What information do I need prior to reporting?

The best way to ensure proper reporting is to keep your taxi trip receipt since it will have all information which your customer services representative will need to log-in in your call, which includes: Vehicle side number, total fare paid Journey start time Journey end time Pick-up location Drop location, vehicle plate number.

When will l receive a response about my complaint?

You would receive an acknowledgement within 24 hours and your case will be resolved within 7 working days. You can always check the status of your case by logging to your account.

What happens next after I log my complaint?

Your complaint would be sent to an investigation officer who would conduct an investigation with the driver. You maybe contacted for more information during the investigation should the need for more information.

What if I am not satisfied with the decision?

You can always issue a grievance by re-logging another complaint in which the decision will be restudies and you will receive the response within 7 working days.

Fare & Fare Calculation

Why can’t I get an estimated trip cost from point A to point B?

Fare amount depends on several factors, including the charges for waiting time, which is activated when the vehicle is in a waiting mode (e.g. traffic jam, traffic light, etc). As this factor isn’t predictable and it is significant to the fare amount we cannot provide any estimate to the fare amount for your trip. Alternatively, we recommend to you to look at our fare structure, also you can estimate the distance between two places by using any of the mapping online tools (e.g. Google Maps).

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