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DTC - Dubai Taxi Corporation - مؤسسة تاكسي دبي
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DTC Smart App

The smart application “DTC App” is intended to enable customers to reserve taxis and limousines in an easy, smooth and innovative way, in an integrated manner with the Dubai Taxi Company’s Control Center, through advanced technologies that make the request for various transportation services smooth. Speed and accuracy, so that the customer can book in three steps, starting with fast download and registration, and then selecting and reserving the vehicle. The application searches for the nearest vehicle and sends it to the location of the customer automatically to start the journey and provide options for direct payment or credit card. New and innovative services will be added to the app to provide more options for customers and enrich their mobility experience in Dubai.

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DTC Limousine Service is a luxury vehicle service with a decent-looking driver, designed to meet the needs of customers from Dubai visitors, entrepreneurs, the tourism sector such as hotels, tour operators, airlines or other customers in government or private institutions. This excellent service is available from Dubai to other Emirates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, including electric Tesla limousines and Mercedes limousines for people of determination.

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Ameera Limousine

The Ameera Limousine service is distinguished by providing a luxury vehicle for our female customers who want a sophisticated transportation experience that exceeds their expectations at an affordable cost. Ameera limousine is characterized by privacy, speed, quality and complete comfort through professional lady drivers to achieve the happiness and comfort of our customers.

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Airport Taxi

These vehicles are exclusive to arriving visitors to Dubai International Airport. The Airport taxi allows you to connect to other Emirates in Country around the clock. Look for the taxi sign icon inside Terminal 1, 2 and 3 where our highly qualified Taxi Officers are waiting to drive you to your destination.

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These services are used by all regular taxi services with red roof and commercial advertisements on the doors and back. This excellent service is available from Dubai to other Emirates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Customers can reserve this service Dispatch Centre, street flagging (taxis will only stop in safe areas), Hospitals, Shopping Malls, Metro Stations, etc.

Limousine Rental

DTC offers Limousine with driver rental service to travel within Dubai Only by reserving 24 hour in advance.

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School Bus Transport

The school bus transport service is exclusively customized to meet schools, nurseries, and other student needs. Our smart fleet of buses have been selected in accordance with the highest international quality safety standards for school transportation service. Hence, we are confident that our buses will keep your children safe during their commute. You can rest assure with DTC’s School Bus Transportation Service, your child will arrive to his/her destination safe and on time in an environmentally friendly buses.

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Commercial Buses

The Commercial Bus service has been designated for mass transport for employees of companies in Dubai, within a fleet of modern buses equipped with the latest technologies, to ensure that the business leaders transport their staff in a safe, comfortable and available at all times, within flexible and cost-effective contracts.

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In Safe Hands

This distinguished service is available to all customers on daily, weekly and monthly basis as per to the request of the customer within Dubai. This service is characterized by the comfort of privacy, speedy service and overall quality in addition to highly trained male & female drivers.

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People of Determination Taxi

People of Determination Taxi Taxi service is really a 'Special Wheel for a Special Need'. The highly sophisticated vehicle is equipped and design with travel comfort in mind. It can be reserved in advance via Dispatch Centre for all your destination needs within the UAE. These vehicles can be distinguished not only its size and red roof top but by its universal special needs blue icon logo placed on the side passenger doors and back window.

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Ladies & Family Taxi

Ladies and Families Taxi is a dedicated service to the special ones in our lives driven by female drivers. This spacious taxi is exclusive to ladies and families of all nationalities and can be reserved via Dispatch Center directly or picked-up at Dubai International Airport, various Hospitals and/or Shopping Malls (upon availability). This service can be distinguished from other taxis by the vehicle’s Pink Roof Top.

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DTC My Driver the New Services allows for fully trained and competent drivers (without taxis) to interested parties for a limited period of time agreed upon (daily, weekly or monthly) between the two parties, provided that the interested individual or corporate customer has to provide a vehicle, with comprehensive insurance and fuel.

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