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DTC - Dubai Taxi Corporation - مؤسسة تاكسي دبي
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The school bus transport service is exclusively customized to meet schools, nurseries, and other student needs. Our smart fleet of buses have been selected in accordance with the highest international quality safety standards for school transportation service. Hence, we are confident that our buses will keep your children safe during their commute. You can rest assure with DTC’s School Bus Transportation Service, your child will arrive to his/her destination safe and on time in an environmentally friendly buses.


Book and start your journey today through below channels:

Customer care center 80088088

Download Bus Service Brochure

Download School Bus App

Suggestions & Complaints:school.bus@dtc.gov.ae

Sales: sales@dtc.gov.ae

Website: School Transportation Service

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  1. Regularly maintained modern buses
  2. CCTV cameras to assure safety & security of students
  3. SMS/email service informs parents/guardians of their child’s safe arrival
  4. Student ID Reader
  5. Smart Mobile Application monitors student’s movement & notifies parents/guardians
  6. GPS system device tracking
  7. Wireless internet Wi-Fi service "optional"
  8. Noise free interior environment for a stress free ride
  9. Comply with Euro 4 / Euro 5 specifications
  10. Equipped with hydraulic suspension system that allows ease of movement on and off the bus
  11. High quality specifications for environmental friendly & comply with European and GCC standards
  12. Comply with Dubai Municipality online address finder “Makani”
  13. Remote operated and monitored Operating Control Center (OCC)
  14. Student Automatic count
  15. Professional and trained drivers


  1. Fees vary depending on school and areas to be connected (please contact us for details).