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DTC - Dubai Taxi Corporation - مؤسسة تاكسي دبي
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Drivers Training

Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC) wants to give primary importance to the unique training of Taxi Drivers and considers the drivers as the primary impression of the firm to our clients and they needs to be trained at the highest standard to provide a quality service to our community.

The Driver Training & Qualification Centre trains Drivers at the highest level for courses such as Customer service, Navigation, Rules & Regulations & Taxi Management in accordance to the Certificate III Transport & Distribution. The Centre is here to provide and inform all Drivers of new and beneficial information and to provide drivers with courses which will assist him to overcome any challenges or issues he might face during his work.


    1. New Driver Training is 21 days.
    2. Existing Driver Re training .
    3. Accident Prevention Training .
    4. Awareness Program.
    5. Refresher Training, covering topics such as Customer Service, Locations,  Safety Driving, Road Traffic System and many more.
    6. Practical Driver Training.
    7. Simulated Drives.
    8. Location Trips.


This program has been designed to cover a wide range of training criteria in Dubai Taxi service and operations, These include safe driving, Customer Service, quality control, quality assurance, meter function and more which enables the drivers at the end of the course to achieve the standard required to offer the service, which is matched to international standards of quality.  


  1. Customer service in the DTC Industry – Communication, Code of Conduct, Basic English, Basic Arabic 
  2. Customer Service and the Taxi – Taxi Clean, Inspection, Salik, Radio, AC, Two-way Radio 
  3. Customer Service and the Taxi Driver – Personal Hygiene, Manners, Courtesy to other Road users. 
  4. Service and the Customer – Customer Greeting, Agree destination Route with passenger, Good relation with customer, Assist customer with bags/luggage/shopping, Show concern for the comfort and Safety of customers, Avoiding discrimination, Avoid Sexual Harassment, Processing Lost Property. 
  5. Customer Service and Tourist - Taxi Driver role within the Tourist Industry. 
  6. Customer Fares and Records – Using the meter, extras, Fares & Change given, Receipts, Credit Card payments. 
  7. Customer Service for a Professional Taxi Driver – Customer service Checklist, Preparation, Commencement of journey, during the journey, Completion of journey. 
  1. Passengers with special Needs – Assisting Frail people, Assisting People with Disabilities, Elderly People, People with young children. 
  2. Customer Service for Passengers with Special Needs – Assistance, Approach, Courtesy, Listen & Speak, Language and Body language, Attitude. 
  3. Taxi Equipment for Passengers with Special Needs – Seat Belts, Child Restraints, Wheelchair Accessibility. 
  4. Taxi Booking Procedures for Passengers with Special Needs – Procedures 
  5. Ethical Behavior Towards People with Special Needs – Harassment 
  6. Wheel Chair Accessible Taxi Service – Service to be explained. 
  7. Meter tariffs & Processing Fares – How to operate the Credit Card Machine and Process Customer Fares efficiently. 




  1. Roles and Regulations – Overview 
  2. Words used in the regulations 
  3. Penalties 
  4. How the regulation is organized 
  5. List of clauses in the regulation 
  6. Exercises on finding clauses in the regulation 
  7. Selected items affecting Taxi Drivers from the Regulation 
  8. Further Taxi Driver Rules for Behavior 


  1. The role of a Professional Taxi Driver – Dubai Taxi Requirement for Taxi Drivers 
  2. Taxi Preparation – Taxi Driver Pre service Checklist, Taxi Driver Kit  Taxi Driving skills – Looking for Passengers, Pulling away from the curb, Pulling into the curb, lane Changing, Safety Screens, Overtaking, Distance between vehicles, Driving at night, wet weather Driving, Using appropriate speed, Driving passengers who are in a hurry, driving at intersections & roundabouts, Left Hand Turns, Traffic lights& Signs, pedestrian Crossings, Children on the road, Animals, Alcohol & Drugs and Taxi Driving, Providing Smooth & Comfortable Ride, Maintaining concentration, Looking out For hazards, breakdown procedures, Use of mobile phones when driving, Reversing, Correct use of horn, driver Attitude and behavior, Fatigue management. 
  1. Managing a Business as a Taxi Driver – Financial Management, Record Keeping, Business Improvement and Career Path Development. 
  2. Information for Taxi Drivers – Fulltime / Casual Driver, Shift Work, Sick Leave, Annual Leave, Commission, Uniform, Entitlements. 
  1. OHS & Taxi driving – passenger safety, Driver safety, safety for other road users, First Aid.
  3. Attack & Robbery – Dangerous Passengers, Assault, Robbery, Dangerous locations, Risk of attitude 
  4. Safe Driving – Use of Seatbelt, Fuel Handling. 
  5. Fatigue management – Risks of Fatigue, Causes of Fatigue, Symptoms of Fatigues, Managing fatigue in accordance to company rules and regulations. 
  6. Safe Lifting – Understanding Manual handling & Appropriate Methods. 
  7. Health & Stress Management – Diet, Weight, Exercise, Smoking, Alcohol, Medication, Fatigue, Ways to deal with Stress. 
  8. Accident or Breakdown Safety Procedure – Reporting Procedure, Use of Equipment Record details 
  9. Insurance, Workers Compensation & Trauma Counseling - Responsibilities, Insurance, Social Worker