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RTA holds events to raise awareness to mark Breast Cancer Awareness month of October

Dubai Corporation Taxi: 13/11/2019

Women Committee, at Dubai’s Roads and Transport Authority (RTA), held a host of awareness events marking the breast cancer awareness month of October, under the theme: Early Screening Might Save Your Life. The event reflects RTA’s care for the female staff wellness and the need to step up awareness about the prevention of breast cancer and other diseases.

Activities included awareness messages, educative sessions with specialist doctors, and an exhibition dedicated to personal healthcare, preventive measures and healthy diet.

“RTA is committed to supporting global events related to women’s health and education, to raise awareness about various topics, breast cancer being one,” said Ms. Moaza Al Marri, Executive Director, Office of the Director-General and Chairman of the Board of Executive Directors cum Chairperson of RTA’s Women Committee.

The events held form part of RTA’s strategy aimed at nurturing a healthy working environment capable of raising the performance and happiness of female employees. It is gratifying to note the immense response of our female employees to the call for medical check-ups and the satisfaction rating generated by the events, which went as high as 92%.

Events held included an educative workshop delivered by Dr Dina Al Shorbaji from Emirates Specialty Hospital at RTA’s Women Committee. The speaker highlighted the importance and benefits of early screening, cases that warrant seeing the doctor immediately, pre-existing condition and preventive measures. Awareness messages were also broadcasted through e-mailers, pink taxi ads and in RTA’s HQ.

“Educational activities included an exhibition about personal healthcare, diet and fitness under the supervision of leading specialist firms in addition to medical screening and free vouchers for mammography at Emirates Specialty Hospital. A series of recovery and meditation sessions were also organized,” she added.

Al Marri called on female employees to quickly respond to breast cancer-related tips such as undergoing early and periodic screening and shunning bad health habits. She concluded by advising female employees not overlook factors capable of boosting women immune systems.

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