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Dubai Taxi organizes Umrah trips for cabbies in Ramadan

Dubai Corporation Taxi: 13/06/2017

RTA’s Dubai Taxi Corporation (DTC)has dispatched 75 cab-drivers in 3 batches to perform Umrah during the holy month of Ramadan. The initiative is part of DTC’s objectives to maximise the satisfaction of taxi-drivers, nurture a positive working environment, and up the level of services rendered to taxi users in Dubai.

Dr Yousef Mohammed Al Ali, CEO of Dubai Taxi Corporation, said, “Offering Umrah trips targeted seasoned and excellent-performing taxi drivers who haveoffence-free recordsover a year, especially those in receipt of multiple DTC awards during their careers. The DTC has accounted for the entire expenses of the trip including accommodation, transportation and catering for six days. It has also organised educative lectures and offered tips about Umrah rituals, and grantedcabbies copies of the Holy Quran, prayer beads (Misbaha) and Zamzam water.

‘’We in the Dubai Taxi Corporation are keen to apply the highest global standards of quality, health, safety and environment as part of astrategy to promote a safe, healthy and happy working environment for all employers and drivers who are the backbone of the DTC. In this Week, we are focusing on educating employees about safety and risks associated with accidents. We believe such efforts will help employees avoid potential risks, injuries and occupational diseases besides improving their corporate efficiency, job satisfaction and productivity,’’ said Ismail Hasan Al Balooshi, Director of Strategy and Business Development at Dubai Taxi Corporation.

“The DTC holds an array of programs & initiatives throughout the year, especially during Ramadan, with the aim of cementing the bonds between employees, drivers and leaders. It also runs a series of educative lectures & programs at the DTC Training & Qualification Center. It offers a package of rewards & incentives to employees who have achieved special targets through valuable prizes, certificates of appreciation and other tools that help improve the job satisfaction & happiness of employees,” added Al Ali.